Measurements manager

Менеджер измерений


The main purpose of the “Measurements manager” is the aggregation of all device workspaces in one application, delivering the unified user interface making it easy to understand how to process the data from different devices. The application model uses module design. Now the following device modules are available:

  • Echometer + dynamometer system MIKON-101, MIKON-101T;
  • Manometers MIKON-107/207;
  • Stationary echometer MIKON-811-02;
  • Level monitor MIKON-821;
  • Oil well startup controller MIKON-811.

The customer may choose different configuration of “Measurements manager” for working with specified device set.

The “Measurements manager” may use DBMS as measurements storage and get effective operations execution and maintaining the well, operator and device libraries. The current version may use the following DBMS:

  • Microsoft Access 2000 or newer version;
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or newer version;
  • Oracle9i Database or newer version.

Stored measurements are represented as tree view with grouping modes: by wells, operators or devices. The tree can be filtered by time range, measurement types, well ids, operators and device serial numbers. Also, SQL queries can be used for measurements filtering. For instance, the user may choose to view echograms only, with specified depth range or any other condition.

The program supports various measurement types: echograms, dynamograms, level recovery curves, submersible and manifold manometer measurements. Every type of measurement has its own set of actions.

Dynamogram actions:

  • theoretical dynamogram accounting;
  • plunger dynamogram accounting;
  • rod tension accounting;
  • auto and manual plunger walk setting;
  • flow rate accounting, filling rate and pump work effectiveness calculation;
  • auto dynamogram conclusion selection;
  • flexible dynamograms comparison (overlay and consecutively);
  • editable typical malfunctions album.

Echogram actions:

  • drawing level recovery curve by the set of echograms;
  • well bottom pressure calculation;
  • low frequency noise filter;
  • drawing echogram signal spectrum;
  • echogram overlaying.

Level recovery curve actions:

  • export to accounting program (for example, to M2 Process);
  • export into text file, table view or to LAS file version 2.0.

Manometer measurements actions:

  • flexible measurements editing;
  • filtering and sparsification of measurements;
  • drawing dependencies of physical parameters vs depth;
  • export to accounting program, into text file, table view or to LAS file version 2.0.;

Common actions:

  • Creation of printable reports by using templates.

Built-in template editor allows user to edit preinstalled templates and create new templates. Also, report can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

The program “Measurements manager” can integrate with corporate information systems and enterprise databases. The main integration actions are:

  • Getting well parameters from corporate DB eliminates the need of manual data entering and increases their accuracy.
  • Putting measured and calculated data into corporate DB makes the information up to date.

The mentioned actions allow simplifying data processing and transferring scheme.

The interoperation is implemented as custom exchange module. It may be created by Mikon developers or by customer service staff.

To receive detailed information and exchange module documentation, please write us e-mail to:


Windows x86 installation (32-bit), version 2.14 build 1660