Surface manometer MIKON-207

Surface manometer MIKON-207


Surface manometer is designed for recording pressure changes in time. Such pressure gauge can be mounted at the wellheads, piping, tanks and other objects. The pressure gauge data will be transferred into computer via the standard serial port RS232. Then such data will be processed by the computer and may be printed out in a graphic and text form. Data registered by the pressure gauge will be stored in the nonvolatile memory and will not be lost in case the battery failure.


  • It is equipped with a real-time timer which enables to synchronize several instruments;
  • permits to preset a delay before it turns on;
  • permits to make measurements in cases when preset pressure values are exceeded;
  • equipped with the battery status control;
  • permits to preset measurement intervals of pressure and temperature (table of intervals);
  • can be mounted to the fitting place for standard industrial pressure gauges;
  • can be mounted and dismounted by means of a special tool.

Brief datasheet

Max allowed pressure measurement, MPa16; 25; 40; 60*
Allowed reduced error of pressure measurement in the working temperature range, %0,25
Resolving pressure capacity, MPa0,001
Minimal measurement time, sec1
Measurement interval between points of recording (user's choice)unlimited
Non-stop operation time, daysup to 180
Capacity of memory and measurement points125,000
Time of non-volatile storage of records10 years
Operating temperature range, degrees C-40…+85
Power source: accumulators (AA 1.2 V), units2
Overall dimensions:
- Diameter, mm
- Max length, mm

Weight, kg3

* Special option