Position and velocity electronic counter MIKON-123



Electronic counter permits to monitor precisely the positioning and movement velocity of oil-well instruments comprising the equipment for checking the oil-wells or similar systems.


  • Equipped with the real time counter for the purposes of synchronizing operation with various devices;
  • equipped with the EEPROM for the nonvolatile storage of constants and data;
  • equipped with the serial port for data transmission to various devices (e.g. IBM PC);
  • displays directions of movement (upwards, downwards);
  • allows to reset and edit the counter readings;
  • used jointly with the oil-well pressure gauge MIKON-107 it ensures obtaining the pressure and temperature-to-depth ratios.

Complete delivery set

  • Photoimpact position transducer;
  • counting device;
  • communication cable.

This unit may be modified for specific applications and integrated into existing systems under customer's order.

Brief performance data

Measurement range of movement, meters0.1…9999.9
Velocity measurement range, km/h0.1…9.9
Temperature operating range, degrees C-40…+50
Memory capacity, KB8
Period of timer operation from the built-in battery, monthsmin 12
Power voltage, V12 or 24
Weight of the counting device, kg0.5
Weight of the sensor, kg1.2